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Stories about Warren

Warren got to read all of these stories below before his passing


When I got my first tattoo, my father said to me, "I spent 22 years in the Marine Corps and never got drunk enough to do something that stupid!" 2o years later, the man has about 4 now. We got tattoos together when he got his first. His first tattoo being that in the handwriting of his granddaughter saying, "I love you Grandpa Love Maya". 


My oldest brother, Warren, taught me when to keep my mouth shut and not incur the wrath of our father or mother like he did and Boy, did he ever. I became "the most considerate child" in the words of our mother because Warren thought me Avoidance. Avoidance from the belt our father used and the telephone our mother used on Warren's thick head.... Yes, the Old landline telephone for those who are old enough to remember. It must have weighed a pound or two. She Wacked it on his head! Mom would tell me how stubborn he was through the years but how she was proud of him as a United States Marine. His stubbornness must have helped him through the Marines is all I can say. I must admit when I saw him after Perris Island boot camp at 120 pounds, clean cut, saying yes mam, yes sir. He impressed me as a true, lean, fighting machine- Marine jargon- so much so, I decided to join the US Navy to avoid his pain again. Teehee. Love you, Warren. - Lee

Mr. Kemble: Although my memories of you were from childhood shared with Rachel in Okinawa, I just want to thank you for welcoming me into your home. I also want to thank you for your service and thank you for being a good father and grandfather. I pray that we all will see each other in Heaven. - Jamielle Kim

We used to go to New York City during the summer for Nikki to take dance classes. One time, Warren came into the city. Nikki was taking a nap, but Warren came in and we were chatting. Nikki thought he was Dad. I also know that Dad always had a special fondness and love for Warren. Warren told me that he has stories of Dad from the time they were in Japan together, but I think some things are better left unspoken. I always wanted an older brother...and I feel like Warren fits the bill perfectly. We can both cuss like sailors, but only one of us is the REAL thing! - Jennifer Macdonald

Warren, being the oldest brother of five you’ve taught each of us more than you’ll ever know. I don’t have a lot of early memories … and I will choose to leave out, on this forum, the memories that I do remember that involve a door; a window and my head. However distant geographically we’ve been over the years you’ve always been there for me and my kids. You’ve always been a great big brother to look up to; to talk to; to share stories with… even if our memories are different. I’ve always said that each of you means something different to me and I love each of you so much! You’ve been so tough through this fight with your cancer. And I know every day you are fighting for more time with that granddaughter that everybody sees is the light of your life! Thank you for so much and when your time is done with this world.. I know I will see you again! With so much love, your sister( who looks like she could be your daughter according to everyone at wakemed!🤪) Lisa (kemble) McCourt

My favorite memories of Warren are of his stories of Maya. We became grandparents at the same time. I love how obsessed he is with his role as a grandfather. He talks about Maya constantly, how smart she is and beautiful, how she has her own business and has a lot of talent with art, and how much she cares about others. On occasion he will stop to comment on how in many ways she reminds him of Rachel herself growing up. He is so proud of being a Grandpa. He talks about "Little Man" in much the same way and I know he wishes he had more time to get to know him as well as he knows Maya. Being a grandfather is his favorite role in life. He loves it even more than being a Marine. That's pretty profound to those of us who love a Marine. I love how much he loves his family. - Charlene Greenblatt

I remember when you drove thru Rock Hill SC and I was finally able to meet you!! It was so exciting for me to finally meet another family member I didn’t know. We met at the Rock Hill Diner with my three plus one kids that summer!! I am so thankful for that moment! Your a warrior and a comedian and I am so thankful for you!! Love & Hugs!!! Maria!!!


Well, I married into the Kemble Clan and found each and everyone of them loving and yet crazy. Meeting Warren was so special because I had heard he was the Marine of the family, yep he was the Marine who would tell you like it is but year to year I had see this wonderful heart of caring for his family. I wish I could have made this trip to laugh with you and shed a few tears but know I love you so very much. - Silvana Kemble

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I met Warren about 2 years ago after I opened our family owned bakery in Levy. Warren was originally a customer but shortly after became a friend to us. We talked about family, friends, past military journeys and more. Warren has lots of stories but the ones that always put a smile on his face was the stories that involved his granddaughter and his family. I am glad to have had the chance to meet Warren and I enjoyed our friendship with him. - Debbie Gibbens

I met Warren at Hargray in 2017. He came to set up my computers when I returned to a different department after I finished my chemo treatment. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016. I then moved to the Engineering department in Bluffton and we worked in the same office. We shared our stories of our journeys with our cancer and compared notes although our cancers were very different. I was sad when he said he was no longer going to be working at Hargray. Warren is a man who fiercely loves his country and his family. He would also tell me about the progress on building the house and was so excited about it. I loved seeing all the updates he would post on Facebook from beginning to end. The house is beautiful. I think of Warren often and he is in my prayers daily. Please give him a big hug from me. Sending prayers to all of you. - Christi O’Quinn 

Many, many years ago, when you were a Marine recruit, you were sent down here to Fl. to do training on the beach. We were able to spend some time together. A very nice memory. - Karen Kennedy


From the first time I met Warren - there was one thing you couldn’t miss about him….. he was dang proud to have been a Marine. “Hooyah”. He loved to play games with his family and you better play by his rules. I remember Alex always wanting to be close with Uncle Warren and loving those game nights too. As we both developed cancer over the past several years we prayed for each other, and shared conversations. There would be great days and there would be ….. well days that weren’t as good- but we had spirit and we have hope for a cure for this cancer (it truly sucks! ). I’m disappointed it wasn’t found in your lifetime Warren - you deserved to continue that Marine fighting spirit. Keep that chin up but rest my friend. You’ve come a long way!!! So rest and Jesus will find his lost lamb. - Patty Williams

Hey, remember that time that Rachel and I carved pumpkins for you and left them in your refrigerator for you to find half rotten? Fun times, fun times. ;) Love you, Dad #2! - Kirsten

I remember when you enlisted in the Marines. I sent a letter to the USMC and was politely told although the Marines would be proud to accept me into the Corp it was not their policy to accept 12 year olds into service. I've always been proud to tell people my brother is a retired marine. Regardless of all the mean things you did to me, my story and I'm sticking to it, I'm proud of you and love you. - Lloyd

Dearest Warren, life has separated us over the last few years, but we are better and blessed for knowing you. We'll always remember all the good times we shared and our hilarious escapades. I know the Lord will overlook the mattress deliveries no one else but Edith n I would understand. Love, prayers and peace to you our good friend. - Antoinette C

Tag football in the church(?) lawn in Indianapolis. "Chaperoning" me and one of the neighborhood girls at a high school football game. He sat in the back of my Austin-Healey 2+2. Helping me pick up a console stereo at the apartment of a bartender I worked with and being greeted by her in a negligee. - George Y.

I remember meeting Warren when he came to the gala to be a part of Rachel's special evening - when her beautiful photography of young women with breast cancer was unveiled in A Calendar to Live By 2009. He was also there for A Calendar to Live By 2010, and when Rachel was pregnant with Maya and unable to travel from Colorado to Virginia for A Calendar to Live By 2011, Warren still came to support her work and represent her. It was obvious how proud he was of his daughter, her immense talent, and her huge, generous heart. I am not sure how much he had to do with her photographic skills, but I have to think that he had a big part to play in what an amazing person she turned out to be. That doesn't happen by accident. It takes a loving, devoted parent, and from what I saw, he was and still is. Rachel's new role as mother prevented her from traveling to Virginia to do more photography for our non-profit, but Warren continued to donate to our efforts, and every year I could count on a Christmas card from him. I remember shared meals during his visits to Williamsburg with Rachel, including a tasty lunch outside at the Trellis on a brilliant fall day in Colonial Williamsburg. A great conversationalist, I always enjoyed spending time with him and Rachel even though the opportunities were few. It should also be noted that he plays a pretty mean game of Words with Friends. :) Warren served his country proudly, was an accomplished computer professional, and most importantly, has been a caring parent, and from the facebook posts I see, an attentive, caring grandfather. Warren, I am grateful our paths have crossed in this lifetime. I wish you peace and many precious moments with your family, and as you prepare to say "goodbye," please know that I am holding you all close to my heart. With much love and many hugs, Mary Beth

This is the one and only story I remember of you, who I met when I was just in elementary school. We were at one of those summer weeklong Girl Scout camps in Okinawa. It was the night before the camp would end, and around midnight or so, I started to have extreme abdominal pains. Rachel and another girl, who I cannot remember, came to me and asked if I was ok. I don’t remember saying anything, but just shaking my head no. She ran and got you, since you were volunteering at the camp. All I remember is you running in and asking a few questions about my symptoms, and before I could process anything else, you scooped me up and ran me out of the tent to the health tent. I was worried you were going to drop me, but you didn’t. I will never forget that for the rest of my life. You made sure I was going to be ok when neither of my parents were around to help me. You were a great volunteer at that camp and are only one of two volunteers I remember from that entire week. (The other being BJ, my GS leader.) You are so fortunate to be surrounded by all the people that love you. You and your family are truly blessed to have each other. - Katherine

Every day I talk to Rachel I see a little bit of Warren that has echoed through her life. The pride she has in her father cannot be overstated. Even when he's gone, I'll always see that part of him in her and smile knowing how much of an impact he's had.

- Greg

I don’t know you Warren but I do know your daughter, my other half when it comes to leading our Girl Scout troop. If I judge you by her, I’d say you are a good, kind person who adores your friends and family, always tries to do the right thing, and a person who follows through on your word. Thank you for raising a good human being. I think that’s the highest praise I’d hope for as a parent! - Tara

We remember Warren coming out to meet Maya for the first time. His eyes were twinkling as he climbed the stairs in anticipation. He smiled every single visit to Denver. - Vicky & Jodi

Enjoyed hanging out with you in Chicago and New York City. Love you Cuz God Bless. - Jeffrey

Warren got to read all of the above.
Thank you so much for sharing. 

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