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Warren Kemble

The saying is "cancer sucks" or "fuck cancer" with hashtag this and hashtag that about cancer sucking. During whatever cancer awareness months with whatever coordinating color, one almost becomes numb to it. Sure we care. We donate funds. Some of us shave our heads. And others walk through the night amongst lumineers lit up for a loved one. 

It isn't until cancer crashes directly into your house do you really feel the weight of "cancer sucks" and boy oh boy do you want to give it the great big fuck you. 

My father has fought this beast for a few years now, and he has put up a really good fight. But now it is time for him to rest. To enjoy quality time surrounded by those who love him. 

I've always found it so silly that when someone passes that we leave these beautiful tributes, funny stories, and wonderful messages to the deceased after they are gone. 

Why not share stories, memories of, pictures with, laughs at some good times, encouraging words, thoughts, and prayers with them while they are still alive!?!?!?

All stories under the "stories" tab were read by or read to Warren before he passed away on Sunday, July 11th 2021

Warren Kemble

- Born April 11th 1955

- Died July 11th 2021

- Son, Brother, Father, Uncle, Grandfather, Proud Marine.

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